If you ask any wedding photographer about how much they love their jobs, my guess is that every single one of them is going to say it totally kicks ass and that they LOVE it-because that is our answer. Shooting at awesome locations, hanging with awesome people and giving them photos they didn’t take with a selfie stick or the long arm reach (not knocking either of those attempts either-We do it for ourselves ALL the time) but it is such an amazing thing we do, that we call “work”. Jon + Joanna’s  Troutdale Spring Engagement Session at Edgefield McMenamins was no exception. Though it was extremely crowded that day we found some amazing opportunity to catch these two in their element with each other.

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      I remember our meeting on a rainy, cold November evening. When we sat down with these two I could not quit doing creepy stare at Joanna. I was completely blown away at how much she looked + talked JUST like my niece. It was the craziest thing I’d seen/heard in a long time. When you are with her it’s like being with a bestie. There is no awkwardness it’s just smiles, laughs and fun. One of the things I love so much about her is that- what you see it what you get. She is so beautiful from the inside out and her laugh…the best! Also she has great taste in handbags…haha Jon is pretty quiet, reserved and is very level headed. Definitely the kind of guy that is the strong ship and holds it together type of guy. He has a warm heart and he very much loves Joanna and you can see it when they are near eachother. Let’s read more about these love birds below…

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      How did you first meet?
      On a blind date. We were set up by Jon’s best friend’s fiance. She was JoAnna’s co-worker, and she talked us both into it. The first date we were both super quiet and reserved, but we gave a solo date a shot, and that worked out =)

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      What made you fall in love? How did you know he/she was the one?
      JoAnna: I knew I loved Jon when I went on an international trip with my sister for a couple weeks. I wanted him to be there adventuring with me, and even though our skype sessions were great, I couldn’t help feeling like I wanted to make sure he was on all of my next trips/adventures as well as the day to day.
      Jon: For me, I started realizing the more time I was away from her, the more I wanted to be with her. One day it just kind of clicked that “damn, I love her”

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      We’d love to know something silly or quirky about each of you! This is your chance to embarrass each other =)
      Jon: Sometimes when I get JoAnna laughing really hard, she has a loud snort. Then she instantly becomes embarrassed, even after almost 3 years.
      JoAnna: Jon is basically a big kid at heart, though he hides it well in his professional life. But trust me, his eyes get huge when he gets a hachet for christmas or somebody busts out a lego set.

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      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are  really looking forward to on your wedding day?

      JoAnna: Our first look. I can’t wait to see his reaction!

      Jon: Since I am not planning on seeing her or the dress before the first look, I am really excited to share that moment with her.

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      Jon + Joanna so glad we met up that rainy November night &  laughed and chatted our way through your Troutdale Spring Engagement Session. We’ve been excited for your wedding day for so long now and can’t wait to see how all your dreaming and planning came together. Today is going to be amazing and we’re so happy to be your oregon wedding photographers! Let’s make some pretty pictures!

      X’s + O’S
      jD + Chris