About Us

      Hi, I’m Chris, Owner and primary photographer of Steele Photography! I truly appreciate you stopping by to see what we are all about! So first, a little about me –  I’ve been shooting professionally for 14 years and in that time have shot over 300 weddings. I’m an easy going guy that loves what I do and don’t take myself or life too seriously. I was recently asked by a potential client what I love most about wedding photography (great question to ask btw!) and here is my response – “Wedding day is one of the biggest days in any couples lives. Being the one to capture it and preserve the memories that will be passed down for generations is honestly more of a privilege than a job. Every wedding day I get to laugh, cry and celebrate right along with my couples and their families. What’s NOT to love about that!”

      Steele Photography is more than just me though. There is also the talented group of people I have chosen to be beside me to help capture and preserve these memories for you. Everyone from my editor, to the second shooters I work with, to the album company that produces our fine art albums are among the top wedding professionals anywhere. So while I may drive the bus, I couldn’t do what I do without them. So just know that once you join the Steele family, we’ve got you – 100%!

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      We feel the biggest complement we can ever receive when delivering photos is “These are so us! You really captured who we are together!” We get it a lot – which makes us happy. The way we connect and have fun with our couples allows them to relax and let their love for each other shine through. Our style starts with getting to know who you are as a couple, then lightly posing and coaching you into having fun, being romantic and looking great.
      Photography trends come and go just like fashion trends do. Just like fashion though, what is popular and trendy today, is the very thing that will look “dated” in just a few years. While trends definitely have their place, we believe wedding photography is not where they belong. Our goal is to consistently deliver photos that are timeless and natural looking with just a touch of style to give them a polished look. If your kids laugh at you someday it’ll be because of what your wearing, not how your wedding photos look! 
      We’re not talking Gone with the Wind, dramatically cheesy romance here. We simply try to capture the love you share, the spark, that thing between you that makes your friends go “aww, you two are perfect for each other”. The way he looks at you like no one else matters. The way you smile at him thinking about forever. That’s real romance. 

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