You just can’t help but fall in love with the Lindavacs…you can’t not…it’s entirely impossible. We met with Spencer + David on a warm Fall day & getting to know them was like sitting with your besites chatting as the time quickly slipped by. Next thing we knew it was time to part ways. We would be lying if we said that our fingers weren’t crossed after leaving that meeting & hoping they thought WE were as great as they ARE.

      SDw-0001_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Clearly it happened…we got the email that they wanted little us- to be their wedding photographers! We were over the moon and have to tell you they are one of our most favorite couples EVER & their wedding was one of our favorite weddings ever! So much emotion, love and time put into EVERY detail and each other.

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      We arrived at the hotel to photograph these two grooms getting ready for their big day. A day that they had both been waiting for, for SO long and I’ll tell ya right now, the emotions ran as strong as a river that day. These two are so full of life, fun and love-AGAIN…you can’t help but fall in love with the Lindavacs!

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      They had letters for each other & hearing them read aloud left no dry eyes in the room that warm October day. It was as if their hearts could write and all the feelings just fell all over the pages. It is so amazing the connection we make with our couples and that they trust us with such intimate parts of themselves. Trusting us to capture their raw, unfiltered moments so they can relive each piece of their story again and again. It’s truly flattering and completely an honor and we couldn’t feel more blessed than to get to share in these magical moments.

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      Watching them interact with their friends and family-Hearing all the kind words that everyone said about these two handsome grooms was pure AWESOME! They had a dream team of bridesmaids and groomsmen…serious squad goals!

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      Their love is intimate, strong and true and they balance each other in the best of ways. Comfortable in who they are as individuals and who they are together we were able to make some beautiful photos of them together.

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      These two seriously threw the party of the YEAR! With the coordination of Luxe Event Productions & awesome music by the always fabulous John Ross the West End Ballroom was completely transformed and their vision was brought to life! It was absolutely AMAZEBALLS!

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      It was an honor being your wedding photogs Lindavacs! We are wishing you a HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! We love your faces off and we’re better people just by knowing you two! Pretty sure you’re celebrating in style tonight!

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      X’s + O’s
      jD + Chris