We couldn’t have been more excited to photograph Charlotte + Daniel’s wedding at the always amazing Log House Garden this summer. We love weddings where there is tons of emotion, laughter, and love and this one had it all and then some! Charlotte & Daniel are beautiful people both inside and out and share a love like no other. Spend 10 minutes with them and you’ll see it. As a bonus, Daniel is into photography and uses a really cool old medium format camera (see photo below). He even brought it to the wedding and took some photos of his own of Charlotte. How cool is that!?  Check out their story below!


      Charlotte and I met in the third grade. I had just moved, and started school in Salem. There were about twenty girls, and only five boys including myself. We were allowed to choose our seats for the first week or so, and after the first seating chart was created everyone was split into groups of two. Naturally, Fish and Freauf were a logical pair due to the alphabet.


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      – Daniel –
      At the age we met, love wasn’t really on my mind. However we made a great pair even then, she laughed at EVERYTHING I said (in her defense she claims I was a lot funnier back then..) so naturally I enjoyed spending time with her! As we grew older I started to think of Charlotte as more than a friend… In the sixth grade, on my thirteenth birthday I told Charlotte, “I really like you, and I was wondering if you liked me back? It’s okay, you can give me an answer on monday, you don’t have to answer me now” Sure enough, Charlotte took the extra time I gave her to think about how she could explain to me that we were only twelve and thirteen years old. Come monday, she told me we were too young to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but that she liked me as a friend. After sixth grade was over, we went to different schools for middle school and high school. During high school, a friend of mine bugged me daily to get a girlfriend (his girlfriend wanted someone to go on double dates with) and after a certain amount of time I had cracked and gave in. The next step was trying to figure out who in the world I would start talking to, let alone start dating, After I thought about all the girls I knew, I realized there was only one girl that I knew who wasn’t annoying and that i knew i could spend hours with. I gave Charlotte a call, and asked what she was doing. After a brief phone call we decided we would go get some cake and coffee the next day. The rest is history really, I fell in love with Charlotte again that night. The hardest thing then was just trying to keep my cool, so she wouldn’t realize that I was absolutely in love with her. Four and a half years later, I got to see that same girl I fell in love with twice, walk down the aisle as the most beautiful bride in the world.
      – Charlotte –
      I was only ten years old the first time I had thought Daniel could be the one. I can remember thinking that if I had to spend everyday of my life with someone it could only be Daniel. Even then I was able to sense that Daniel and I shared a strong connection. As we grew older, our childhood friendship grew into a crush and eventually turned to love. When we found out that we were going to have a baby our first year of college it was terrifying and exciting time. We grew so much during that period in lives, and although it was unexpected the birth of our daughter brought us closer together than ever. Watching Daniel become a great father and a great man left no doubt in my mind that he was the one.

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      We got engaged on the most beautiful October day. We had spent the day taking our daughter to a pumpkin patch, and had dinner together later that night. Daniel told me were going to take the long way home that night, but we ended up at our old elementary school. Daniel took me to the same spot he had first told me he liked me when we were twelve, and got down on one knee. I was crying and of course said YES! It was the perfect, meaningful, and intimate proposal I had dreamed of.

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      Our favorite thing to do together is take our daughter on adventures and spending time as a family. We also love to go on child-free dates!

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      – Daniel –
      Charlotte is borderline insane when it comes to cleaning our bathroom, she continuously cleans it, and then on top of that she insists to deep clean it bi-weekly.
      – Charlotte –
      I put laundry baskets in every place Daniel could possibly change his clothes, yet when it’s time to do laundry I find his clothes everywhere but in the actual laundry basket!

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      The one thing I love most about Daniel is how encouraging he is towards me. Whenever I am upset or frustrated, he always makes me laugh and helps me put life into perspective.
      One of my favorite things about Charlotte, is how great of a match we are. She keeps me going every day, and after a long day of work she makes sure to let me know how much she appreciates me. To this day she still laughs at all of my jokes, So i’d say the thing I love most about her, is that deep down she’s that same girl that I fell in love with when I was 10, except now she’s a beautiful woman with a good head on her shoulders, and an amazing mother. There’s nobody else i’d rather spend the rest of my life with.

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      Stunning pictures The couple is adorable!

      Lovely pictures I love the black and white!

      Wonderful pictures especially the last one!