Chatting, sipping a cold beer and listening to Katie + Dan talk to us about the plans they had for their wedding day was the beginning. We were so excited that they chose us to be their Oregon wedding photographers. We knew when we met with them it was going to be a great time. So let’s fast forward to Spring 2016 and their AMAZING engagement session! They decided to have their engagement session on his family estate in Gaston, OR. Seriously…the views, the house, the property were totally amazing!

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      So Katie is THAT girl…you know, the one that doesn’t even know how GORGEOUS she is. She has this super long RED hair, gorgeous brown eyes and the most warm personality. It’s no wonder Dan was smitten with her! Then there’s Dan-this guy just has this warm, inviting smile. It’s like a big EYE SMILING, smile…you know…one of THOSE smiles. He just feels like a friend you’ve had forever. We can see how Katie fell for “the new guy at work”. We had a blast getting to know them more and even found out we share a similar hobby, shooting bows! They even brought theirs along to get a few shots of a hobby they enjoy together. Then when RYDER jumped out to greet us…well it pretty much sealed the deal in our book…they are going to be our new BFF’s (they just may not know it yet! ;P ) Get to know Katie + Dan+ Ryder a bit better below…let’s just see how this love story started in the first place!
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      How did you first meet?

      We worked together at Boise Inc. Dan was the new guy at work and all the ladies were trying to set us up. Katie first really noticed Dan during the work Halloween party where he was dressed as Maverick from Top Gun. He definitely pulled that look off! However, Katie was dressed in a group costume as “snail mail”. Not quite the hottest outfit. Dan first noticed Katie while they were volunteering for the Credit Union that was usually followed by happy hour.
      Our first date was hiking through the Gorge and we have been hanging out ever since.

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      What is your favorite thing to do together?
      We have so many busy days and weekends filled with family events, hiking, camping, etc- but our favorite days are those rare moments when we don’t have plans and just get to spend time together doing nothing.
      Our recent favorite day was spent floating the Deschuttes River through Sunriver in a double inner tube with a cooler of beer- just the two of us, with no time constraints.
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      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?
      Dan- Looking forward to having all of our friends and family in one place. Also looking forward to seeing Katie in her wedding dress. Oh, and the cake!Katie- I am really looking forward to the special moments I get to spend with everyone. Getting ready with my bridesmaids, seeing Dan for the first time during our first look, the father daughter dance…..basically everything I guess!

      Guys! We’re so happy to be your Oregon Wedding Photographers & we are looking forward to your WEDDING DAY!

      jD + Chris