University Club Portland Wedding

      We had the great pleasure of photographing Jessica + Sean’s University Club Portland wedding. It was a beautiful day and the University Club Portland is one of the most amazing wedding venues we’ve seen around Portland. It’s rich architecture and beautiful details are hard to match. Jessica + Sean planned their amazing wedding down to the VERY last detail. There was not one thing left undone and it couldn’t have been a more perfect wedding. Oh and for reals, don’t think you will find many bridesmaids that are doing workouts in the Bridal Suite…pushups and all…I was in awww and almost joined in. Coolest bridesmaids EVER! Our beautiful bride Jessica and handsome groom Sean, were so excited to have their wedding at the University Club Portland.  They both work in downtown Portland, Oregon and have a lot of special moments and memories in Portland, Oregon. Jessica you were absolutely, a beautifully stunning bride and have the kindest of hearts. A true beauty inside and out.  Nicole Wagner and Jein of the amazing Powder Inc. did SUCH a fabulous job on all your gorgeous faces. We really loved photographing your BIG day at The University Club Portland. Take a look at the beauty this wedding was and eat your hearts out!
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