It was awesome getting to know Kristina + Mike a bit more during their Tanner Springs Engagement Session with us. Portland is a great city and offers the best backdrops for couples that want the city feel in their photos. It was calling for heavy rain that afternoon but we didn’t let that stop us and we all decided to go ahead and take the chance. Boy are we glad that we did because their session was amazeballs!

      Kristina’s awesome goddess like, purple mermaid hair and fancy tulled skirt complimented Mikes dark green shirt and “man bun” perfectly. When you get to know these two amazing people-you can’t help but love them. Kristina is always so thoughtful-she surprised us with homemade cookies the day of their Portland Spring Engagement Session. They were a HUGE hit in our house and our kiddo got most of them!

      Kristina is super talented not only in her baking skills, but also her cooking skills. She has a contagious laugh and a huge heart! She has put lots of time into her wedding details and I cannot wait to see what this artistic lady has done. Mike is super hardworking and pretty quiet and reserved so they truly balance each other well. Hear more of their story below and check out a few of their awesome Tanner Springs Engagement Session pics. You will find that sometimes LOVE happens in the place you would LEAST expect.

      KMe-0065_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      How did you first meet?

      Kristina– The very first time I remember meeting Mike was at a friends house, his best friend and my hardcore crush at the time(though that didn’t last). We instantly disliked each other and fought over time with our friend. This was 11 years ago. We saw each other sometimes, usually climbing, or when I was hanging out with our friend.

      I don’t remember specifically when we met. However, I do remember this person constantly hanging out with a good friend of mine who annoyed me to death.

      KMe-0092_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Let’s hear about the proposal! Was it a big event? A quick intimate moment? Did you know it was coming? Were you freaking out?

      It was close to Valentine’s day. I wanted to throw her off a little. I had her dad call her and invite her to dessert for the evening to try and throw her off. We went to Papa Hayden’s and waited. Ordered dessert and champagne. I told her that her dad wasn’t coming but there was some good news. I pulled the ring out and proposed. With a big smile and tears she said yes.

      Kristina – I knew it was coming soon, we’d talked everything over and decided it was indeed, about that time.
      But Mike is the contrarian to end all contrarians on occasion. I knew he wouldn’t want me to know, that the proposal itself was supposed to be a surprise, but I found out accidentally that he’d purchased a ring, and was on high alert with excitement for about a week. He had my dad invite us for dessert while I was at work one day, and my coworkers were all highly amused by my excitement and butterflies. We made it to the restaurant, a favorite, and we ordered glasses of bubbly and dessert.
      Eventually he told me that my dad wouldn’t be joining us, but that he had good news… He took out the ring box and slid it across the table, just looking at me. I started grinning and had to ask, “Are you going to say anything?”
      He started smiling and said the words. I said yes.

      KMe-0029_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      We’d love to know something silly or quirky about each of you! This is your chance to embarrass each other =)

      Mike has the ability to forget just about anything, and his sense of direction could use a little work.

      Kristina has moments of unusual grace, but her usual mode of operations is set to klutz.

      KMe-0057_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?

      Kristina– Mike isn’t someone who cares overmuch about my makeup, or indeed if I wear any, but I always love the reaction I get from him when I dress up and make an effort with my hair and makeup. I can’t wait to see his face when we see each other all dolled up for the first time that day.

      Mike– No more wedding planning!

      KMe-0066_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      We cannot wait to see your big day finally come together you two! So happy to be your wedding photographers and we look forward to seeing you soon. HAPPY WEDDING DAY!

      KMe-0140_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      X’s + O’s
      jD + Chris