It was so great hanging out with Cedric and Rachel for their September Cathedral Park Engagement Session. They even brought a few family members along with them and it was great chatting with everyone and getting to know them a bit more. It’s always nice that come wedding day their are a few familiar faces. We love that they are foodies like us and love to watch movies. You can tell that their families mean everything to them and it definitely comes first in their lives. They love their son and they are such kind, loving people.

      Rachel has an elegance about her from the way she moves, to the way she speaks but she can be sassy and Cedric is the perfect guy to handle it. She is definitely the more open one in the relationship. Cedric is a cool cat, he is a bit shy and reserved but he’s a guy that sure knows what he wants in life and won’t settle for anything less…Obviously…he got Rachel! Their love much like their family values, runs deep and strong. It was evident while we were photographing their September Cathedral Park Engagement session. They have chemistry and commitment, they will go the distance. They are a wonderfully kind family and we couldn’t be more happy to be their wedding photographers. Read a bit more about their love story and you’ll see what we mean. Happy Wedding Day Rachel + Cedric!

      RCe-0080_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      How did you first meet?
      We first met at Chuckie cheese, at a family birthday party. Who would of thought!

      RCe-0078_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      What made you fall in love? How did you know he/she was the one?
      Rachel- I first fell in love when it was the day before my Graduation. My mom and I had a really big blow out and Cedric picked me up and I stayed the night with him, and as I cried about the fight he consoled me that everything was going to be just fine and that I had to get some rest for my big day.
      Cedric- Seeing how loving and caring she was. Also how we had so much in common and this undeniable chemistry. I would say love at first sight.

      Let’s hear about the proposal! Was it a big event? A quick intimate moment? Did you know it was coming? Were you freaking out?
      Rachel- The proposal was actually on Christmas day, so it couldn’t have been more special since my relationship with Christ is so important. My son had previously told me that I was going to have the best Christmas ever,”him knowing what his father had planned”. I was in total aw, to see him so nervous and shaking as he asked me to marry him, it showed me that we still had those fluttering butterflies.

      Cedric- Extremely nervous, and excited.

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      RCe-0132_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?
      Rachel- After being together for 10 years, I really want to see his reaction once he sees me walking to him down the isle.

      Cedric-Seeing how beautiful she will look in her dress.

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      Cathedral Park Engagement Session


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