To say that we were excited to travel at the beginning of our twenty-sixteen wedding season for Jaclyn + Grants Romantic Minneapolis destination wedding is totally an understatement. After their engagement session with us, our communications throughout the year and the AWESOME Christmas Card they sent us, we were ready to see our friends! An added bonus was getting to explore an awesome new city and to photograph their love story was just awesome. It also gave us a perfect little get away with each other which doesn’t happen too often, with as busy as we are. So let’s get to the details here- Minneapolis was hot as hell and totally humid. This was by far our HOTTEST wedding to date and I’m pretty sure we were sweating as much water as we were drinking…GROSS! We felt so bad for Jaclyn and Grant as they were all suited up in their wedding attire…keeping cool was something we had to keep in mind. We took a few breaks where we could to let everyone get in some air conditioning.

      Jaclyn + Grants love is one of those stories that you hear once in a lifetime. It’s a lifetime love for sure-They were both in Tanzania and had never met each other before, both from the same town back home. They end up on a date in Tanzania-and here they are all married and enjoying their new home together. Really…who does this happen to? Read more about them here and enjoy some of the beautiful moments of their romantic Minneapolis wedding that we were just so lucky to photograph! These photos…MY HEART!

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      The Woods Chapel was like a fairy tale…a little cottage nestled deep into a forest, a perfect little bridal suite and getting ready space that was absolutely perfect for a whimsical, richly colored and gorgeous wedding for a bride like- Jaclyn. Her beautiful florals by the talented Artemisia Studios were stunning. It truly was a beautiful Romantic Minneapolis Destination wedding. Jaclyn is a classic beauty the kind of lady who can be in her jeans and Tshirt, then look just as gorgeous all glammed up. Her laugh…it’s BIG…like really BIG and so SMILEY-it definitely fills a room and is totally contagious.

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      How did you first meet?
      I was living in Tanzania after undergrad and Grant was living in Kenya. I took a trip up to Nairobi, Kenya to visit a friend of mine from high school. Grant happened to be his roommate and we hit it off instantly. What was originally a long weekend turned into almost a three week trip for me in Nairobi. Afterwards we decided to travel to the island of Zanzibar off of the coast of southern Tanzania. It was in Zanzibar we decided to officially continue our relationship when we got home and I joke with Grant that he will never be able to top our first ‘official’ date. –Jaclyn

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      What is the one thing you love most about each other?
      I love how patient and generous Grant is, we always joke that patience was not a virtue I was blessed with and Grant makes up for it for the both of us! He is also always up for any adventure at the drop of a hat which always keeps things fun! –Jaclyn

      Three years ago I was a bum living in Africa and then I met Jaclyn. Now I am almost a doctor of physical therapy and I owe all of my motivation and organization to her. I would have been half the man I am today without her. –Grant

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      Their first look was beyond incredible, intimate and romantic…still can’t believe we get to share in these amazing REAL moments with amazing couples like Jaclyn + Grant. Trusting us to capture their story and document their life as it’s happening now…such a powerful privilege and it couldn’t make us any happier. This is why we do what we do…because we love THIS!

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      As much as it’s an exciting time in a couples life to actually finally be able to say #MARRIEDLIFE It’s also a huge milestone in your families & friends’ lives. You know those people that have been your support system, your tear wipers, cheerleaders, your amazeballs TRIBE…yeah it’s a big day for them too!

      So let’s get MARRIED you two jet setting lovers…

      And let’s celebrate with amazing friends + family…

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      This cityscape doesn’t suck, does it!? It looks like a water color painting!

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      There’s a bus, there’s a party…PARTY BUS! Woot!

      A party bus that took us to the PARTY at the Nicollet Island Pavilion…where amazing family & friends waited to hug you tight and celebrate your LOVE!

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      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?
      The after party 🙂 –Jaclyn & Grant

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      We cannot thank you enough for choosing us to be your wedding photographers you two! Your day was seriously incredible! We are happy to say you were our VERY FIRST destination wedding and we are glad to have had that happen with you! We wish you all the best in life, marriage, kidlets and adventures. We also wish you the best in your new careers as DOCTORS! Hard work pays off and we’re sure that your love will NEVER end. Party on lovers…PARTY on!

      X’s + O’s
      jD + Chris


      ***Read the sweet review that they left for us after their wedding! Thanks for the LOVE you two!