Who doesn’t love all the pretty little things & details at a wedding?! I mean-that is how parts of your personal style are added throughout to add the special touches of the day. I have to be honest…I would absolutely love to photograph details all day long. It is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. I love my brides attention to style, details and the thoughtfulness and time they put into making, picking out and all they do to tell their story. I put time into a beautiful way to showcase your details. It’s an art and something that gives your details their moment to shine.
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      You would think…a wedding is a wedding, is a wedding-but it’s NOT. There are so many things that go into each wedding, special parts infused to each day, for each couple. While you may see some of the same parts…it doesn’t unfold the same at every wedding. We LOVE that! So keep looking, keep pinning and getting ideas from the wonderful world of Pinterest ladies…but don’t recreate someone elses Pinterest board. Let’s create your very own Pinterest board, with all of the organic moments from YOUR wedding day and all the pretty little things you put thought into.
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      Until then…gather up all your pretty things, put them in a box and get ready to hand it over to me on your BIG DAY. Let’s make some pretty pictures and tell a magical story…magazine worthy details-just for YOU!
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