We had a great engagement session with Jessie & Jeff in downtown Portland. We always tell our couples not to be nervous, but you can always see when we are first together that they are. But if we’re honest here – Uh…we all get nervous being IN FRONT of the camera. So we eased into it a bit and didn’t make them do anything out of control. They are a fun loving couple and LOVING comes easy for them. You know when you meet that couple and they just have that “THING” well this is them…TOTALLY.

      Their wedding is at The Aerie at Eagle Landing in May. We’ve had a few weddings there and it’s always a fun venue to capture great moments in. With the mint green, teal and hints of blush and ivory that they’ve chosen for colors, we are pretty sure this is going to be a stunning wedding! I love that during our engagement sessions we get to know our couples better. We enjoy hearing details about the day, whats been done so far & the last things that need finished. Then to see their vision come to life on WEDDING DAY is just awesome.

      We loved how laid back and natural Jessie & Jeff were together. She’d sit on his lap and he would talk to her and the laughing came natural. While we were walking to our locations, I asked Jessie “What do you love most about Jeff?” she got this huge smile on her face and a little giddy and her answer made my heart happy. She said “The thing I love most about Jeff, is that I can just be myself around him. I’m the type of person that has a hard time just relaxing and sitting still. But when I’m with him I feel totally at ease. When I’m with him I feel comfortable and at home.” Go ahead, say it…”AWWWW!” She needs that relaxing too! We may have forgotten to mention she is a total badass and is a FIRE FIGHTER!? Uhhhmm…yeah and some awesome may have happened during their session. But we’ll save that for the photos later!

      We’re lucky we are full time wedding photographers! I mean the work is hard, don’t get us wrong. But it is SO rewarding being able to share in all these amazing moments. Becoming friends with our couples and just having a kick ass job! In fact, when we all parted ways I said “Man, I would LOVE to just hang out with her! She is awesome and she even likes beer too. We’d make great friends.” Chris agreed! Can’t wait for your wedding you two! Thanks for hanging in downtown portland for your engagement session.


      jD & Chris
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