We are SUPER pumped to shoot our first destination wedding this week! We can’t wait to meet Jaclyn + Grant in their hometown of Minneapolis to document their wedding day. We figured that since it’s our first destination, they deserve some extra special attention on our bloggity! Their story is crazy insane! From a chance meeting in Tanzania (yes you read that right!) to the shores of the Oregon Coast…finding their way back home with each other -it’s CLEAR they were definitely DESTINED to be together. It’s going to be quite the celebration on Friday-as they will not only be getting MARRIED, but they’ve both graduated college and  can be officially recognized as “DR’s”! Congrats you two and we’ll be seeing you soon! Read on…their love story is great, you might even laugh a little! Yes, she’s not only smart but crafty! Jaclyn totally made these sweatshirts and used these pics for their Christmas cards!

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      How did you first meet?
      I was living in Tanzania after undergrad and Grant was living in Kenya. I took a trip up to Nairobi, Kenya to visit a friend of mine from high school. Grant happened to be his roommate and we hit it off instantly. What was originally a long weekend turned into almost a three week trip for me in Nairobi. Afterwards we decided to travel to the island of Zanzibar off of the coast of southern Tanzania. It was in Zanzibar we decided to officially continue our relationship when we got home and I joke with Grant that he will never be able to top our first ‘official’ date. –Jaclyn


      What made you fall in love? How did you know he/she was the one?
      Imagine traveling on a bus for 24 hours through Africa. You are covered in sweat, haven’t showered in days and your clothes are filthy. On top of that you have diarrhea and must go in a hole on the side of the road using toilet paper you have packed with you. But you are laughing and having fun the entire time not even noticing one anothers body odor. That is how we knew.

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      Let’s hear about the proposal! Was it a big event? A quick intimate moment? Did you know it was coming? Were you freaking out?
      I had been planning this since the Christmas prior when I asked Jaclyn’s dad for permission. Naturally with Jaclyn’s family unable to keep a secret I told everyone a false later date to make sure it was a surprise. On my next trip to Oregon we went on a 8 mile hike and I popped the question on top of the mountain. She didn’t expect it on the hike at all and we were both so excited! —Grant

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      What is your favorite thing to do together?
      Play cribbage and drink beer at a new local brewery. –Jaclyn & Grant

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      What is the one thing you love most about each other?
      I love how patient and generous Grant is, we always joke that patience was not a virtue I was blessed with and Grant makes up for it for the both of us! He is also always up for any adventure at the drop of a hat which always keeps things fun! –Jaclyn

      Three years ago I was a bum living in Africa and then I met Jaclyn. Now I am almost a doctor of physical therapy and I owe all of my motivation and organization to her. I would have been half the man I am today without her. –Grant

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      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?
      The after party 🙂 –Jaclyn & Grant

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      Can’t wait to see you both this week! We are so happy you found us to photograph your destination engagement session in Oregon!

      X’s + O’s

      jD + Chris