Giving a little special shout out to the beautfiul Jen + Shay today. These two lovelies were our VERY FIRST same sex -female wedding & we couldn’t have been more honored to photograph your Oregon Coast Beach Wedding and to be the ones to tell your story. In fact, it is one our favorite weddings we have ever photographed. When you meet a couple like Jen + Shay you seriously just feel better about life. Happy ONE YEAR wedding Anniversary ladies!
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      One of the best things for us as wedding photographers is when our couples turn into amazing friends and that is most definitely true with these two. Their wedding day was a small and intimate event and being around their family and friends, you quickly realize why they are who they are. Good hearted, kind, comfortable and welcoming are just a few of the great qualities you could pick up on instantly.
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      Sharing a life and blending two families is what a wedding day does. It makes bonds within your circles and forges them together , so you are supported by all the people that matter most to you in your lives. Mothers, Fathers, kidlets, sisters, brothers, friends & family. What an amazing group of memory makers to have surround you on your wedding day.
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      With so much planning, attention to detail and craftiness, your day unfolds and tells it’s own story. I love this about my brides. Jen and Shay are some crafty ones too! But not like the cheesey crafty…like you would LOVE to get a gift that they’ve made, because it would totally kick ass. They built and branded their own benches for their ceremony, later used them at their dinner. Their most recent creation is this GORGEOUS headboard that they put in their spare bedroom. Shay also painted a Red Sox mini fridge for Jen…and it looks fantastic!
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      A ceremony by the sea was the vision that they had for their wedding day. It was absolutely perfect and the seaglass running the sides of the aisle was such a magical touch. Barefoot and in love, they said their vows by the ocean, with their “circles” surrounding and lifting them up in biggest celebration of LIFE & LOVE.
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      With tears flowing, emotions running high, and a love that at one time in our society would never have been accepted- Every. Single. Moment. soulful, thoughtful, meaningful, true, deep and loving- these two became WIFE + WIFE! There was not a dry eye there…not even ours.
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      May we all be blessed with a true love like this…it’s the kind of love that has no end- That in this universe was meant to be-as they would say “It was written in the stars”.
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      A crab feed fit for queens, corn on the cob, drawn butter, cold beer and wine…everyone (even US)  feasted on this TRUE Oregon inspired dinner. We chatted, laughed and celebrated Jen + Shay among friends and family celebrating their Oregon Coast Beach Wedding in style!
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      Their family and friends cheered them on…Everyone needs their TRIBE!
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      Dancing and loving…to complete the night…
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      They say that everything is better by the water and these pictures tell their own story…of two lovelies – committing their lives to loving each other…for like…EVER!
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      Thank you Jen + Shay for having us their to photograph your Oregon Coast Beach wedding, for treating us like family and for being some of the best people we know,  it was an honor to tell your story. We are wishing you a long and happy life! We LOVE you guys!

      Lotsa LOVE,

      jD +Chris


      Hi Rachel! This wedding took place at Gleneden Beach it’s a quaint little coastal town. Wishing you all the best in your search for your wedding location girl! ~jD

      Hi, Where was this wedding? We are currently looking for a similar type of environment for a wedding.