I remember telling Fatima + Justin during their engagement session “I love your love”… It’s a really great thing when you meet a couple that just has that “it” factor going on. Like- even if they were upset with each other you still know it would be cute…the ones that you see and you’re like “You guys are love sick puppies” enter Fatima + Justin. We were fortunate enough to meet up with Fatima through one of our best friends, they worked together and that is how our love story begins…because when we met with them on a cold January evening over steamy lattes and a coffe with no sugar or cream *insert body builder mode here* I’m not evening kidding…Justins guns are as big as my head…it was instant love! Chatting all things wedding plans and super special “paper clips” Haha

      PDX Engagement Session by Steele Photography

      The great thing about Fatima + Justins love and relationship is that they speak and treat each other the way you would treat your most cherished best friend. I am telling you now, that will take them so far in their journey together. I know this because I married my best friend and while the road isn’t always unicorns and rainbows-I know I can face anything as long as I have him by my side. You two will be EXACTLY the same…blessed by an amazing friendship with your bestie! So read more about Fatima + Justins romance and how these two were able to strike a spark between headphones, vitamins, squats and protein powder! Just Love your-LOVE!

      Hawthorne Bridge Engagement Session Pictures by Steele Photography

      How did you first meet?
      Justin and I met at his work, Vitamin Shoppe. I came in one day to look at what kind of supplements they had. i found something that i wanted to get and left my wallet in the car. as i went to get my wallet and when i came back he said “welcome back!” i thought that was so adorable and caught my attention knowing that in a big store he noticed me. later on i was like “dont you work out at 24????” and he was like yes the one in tanasbourne. we talked a bit more and i left the store with him still on my mind. the next day i was on my way to class and i was passing by his work to get on the highway and kept contemplating whether or not i wanted to stop by his work again and kept coming up with excuses to come by again. so i thought i can go in and ask about a pre work out. my car had more control than my mind it felt like…. as i came back inside i got disappointed since i didnt see him. i asked the lady about a pre work out and she had NO IDEA what to suggest. so she said hold on let me get my manager. as i saw Justin walking from the back my heart skipped a beat and i couldnt stop smiling….

      Engagement Photos on the Eastbank Esplanade by Steele Photography

      Let’s hear about the proposal! Was it a big event? A quick intimate moment? Did you know it was coming? Were you freaking out?
      WELL…………. lets just say that Justin couldnt get down on one knee or else his pants would have ripped #bodybuilderproblems #hesabigboy
      He was acting really weird that night. Had a smile on his face the whole time and it was the day of the start of my new job. I got off work and was asked if i wanted to go to cheesecake factory remind you that was our spot for anniversaries birthdays…. the list goes on. special moments happened there. all i could think about was food. As we were finishing dinner he comes back from the bathroom and sits right next to me… he starts saying things like you know how much i love you right? continued melting me and pulled out a box from his pocket and asked me to marry him. of course i said yes. i started crying of course then we ended the night with celebration ice cream and cheesecake LOL! since we never eat that….

      Portland Oregon Engagement Photos by Steele Photography

      Romantic Portland Engagement Photos by Steele Photography

      Finding the secret YOU things that make your relationship YOURS…we LOVE that…

      Downtown Portland Engagement Session by Steele Photography

      We’d love to know something silly or quirky about each of you! This is your chance to embarrass each other =)
      Fatima: justin once farted in my moms car (my car was in the shop) we shut down starbucks and still wanted each others company so we sat in the car and talked. remind you this was about 1 month into our dating period. all of a sudden i smelled something weird as hell and i was like “omg he literally just farted. how do i open up the window without him knowing that i noticed….” thats what i was saying in my head LOL!!!!! apparently justin doesnt remember this happening 😉

      Justin: the first night she spent the night at my house she said she had to go to her house real quick to get her make up. i was so confused and didnt understand. i figured it was night time and what did she need her make up for. but she said it was because of the next morning LOL!!!!!!! what??????

      ok this is fatima again- i had to get my make up because i had to fill in my brows in the morning. i wasnt comfortable yet him seeing me without make up LOL and now…. i dont give a fuuuuuu lmao

      Between farts and makeup bags- They enjoy feeding each other PB Oreos + Funfetti Pop Tarts!

      Fun downtown Portland Engagement Pictures by Steele Photography

      love your love Engagement Session by Steele Photography

      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?
      Justin: being able to call her my wife. thats literally the coolest thing ever. even though i already think of her as my wife.

      Fatima: calling him my husband instead of fiance or boyfriend. growing old together. being together for the rest of our lives… taking him to lebanon and sharing more of my culture with him… i just cant wait to spend my life with this man.

      Portland Engagement pics by Steele Photography

      We are SO beyond happy that we connected you two and have been looking forward to this day for so long! Thank you for trusting Chris and I to be your story tellers. For being comfortable enough to open up with us and be yourselves. You are both such kind, thoughtful and amazing people. We LOVE your LOVE…

      X’s + O’s
      jD + Chris