The day that we met up with Arley + Troy was one of the days we had that freak HEAT WAVE last summer. I remember it so clearly because one-they are AWESOME and two-I felt like a HOT MESS because our air conditioner had decided to klonk out! The beer was cold and the apps delish. We quickly realized the air conditioner in the restaurant was not working well either…it was too damn HOT! I remember that they invited us to their house so we could cool off afterward…who does that?

      Arley + Troy are THAT couple, the ones you want to hang out with because they are the fun ones and always willing to help people out. Arley is GORGEOUS, driven, has a fabulous sense of style and cares about the details (so LOVE that) and she is so kind and thoughtful. Seriously LOVE her face! Troy is funny, hard working, goal oriented and knows exactly what he wants in life. Together they are a power house couple!

      They had recently purchased their first home when we met with them and were busy putting in the new sod. Since then -they have been quite busy working, working out, going to school and keeping up on new things with their home, like finding their own personal little “lawn mowers” little mini HORSES that they named – WHIP & NAY-NAY! Seriously cracks us up EVERY time we hear it. Obviously these two have personalities, like to have a good time and are super kind people. Happy WEDDING DAY you two! It’s finally here and we couldn’t be more excited that you chose us to be your Oregon wedding photographers!
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