We had such an adventure for Chrissy and Dave’s destination Engagement Session a top the GORGEOUS Angels Rest- in the Columbia River Gorge. If I have TBH- I think we were slightly unprepared for the adventure we faced that day. In fact-I don’t think any of us were ready for what was going to happen once our feet hit the trail and we got about 20 minutes in. Now I will tell you that this was an incredibly bonding adventure and we couldn’t have picked a better couple than them to go through all of this with. Chrissy Dave and Isabel headed up before us so they could take a minute to get camera ready to make some gorgeous photos. As we were making our way up we get a text message that says “This shit is seriously no joke!” So there we are gasping for air…and wishing we had brought a little more water thinking “Damn…what have we gotten ourselves into!?”

      It took us over an hour to summit Angels Rest. However we did go about 10 minutes further than needed and it was super crazy because as we’re making our way, we’re going up this trail-these two Ultra Runners come BOMBING out of the brush with their dog leading the pack. They were all sweaty, fit and shirtless -the lady had a sports bra on, but clearly these 3 did NOT lack endurance. We asked them “How much further to Angels Rest?” they replied “Oh you passed Angels Rest. It’s about 10 minutes back the other way.” So we started back the way we came…I could not get these glistening sweaty runners out of my head…it was like Runners World REAL LIFE!

      Cde-0001_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      We finally reached Dave, Chrissy and Isabel and went into picture making mode. With a gorgeous view and an even more amazing couple…and a beautiful assistant (Isabel) watching gear and taking cell phone pics…we made some magic happen in a magical place! This is one adventure we will never forget you guys…thank you so much for adventuring with us! The great thing about Chrissy is that she is the life of the party. She is the friend you want to go do the fun things with like- concerts, shopping, going to see live music at the local hot spot. She is the kind of person that every girl wants as a best girlfriend. Dave is the calm steady hand and he has the biggest heart! They are kind, genuine and just the most loving couple!

      Cde-0008_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      How did you first meet?
      We met through work actually. Dave was my vendor, making possible what I thought would be impossible. Of course, my low cut blouse and short skirt had nothing to do with him making a commitment to “finding a way.” Hahahaha…

      Cde-0026_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      What made you fall in love? How did you know he/she was the one?
      Dave – The low cut blouse and the short skirt. Hahaha… Really though, her personality, her love of music and that she has an amazing heart.
      Chrissy – All of the little things he would do to make me smile and the way he made me feel like there was no one else in the world. I had never met someone who made me laugh so much and smile every day.

      Cde-0029_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Let’s hear about the proposal! Was it a big event? A quick intimate moment? Did you know it was coming? Were you freaking out?
      New Year’s Eve 2015 while having dinner at the restaurant my brother worked at in Chicago, Chrissy thought she was pulling off a night of surprises. But, Dave excused himself after dinner and when he came back to the table, dropped to one knee. Chrissy was blown away, and with her brother taking pictures of the whole thing taking place, and a restaurant full of people cheering him on, it was an unforgettable moment.

      Cde-0069_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Cde-0106_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?
      Dave – Seeing all of our friends and family, and enjoying this special day with all of them. Seeing how incredibly beautiful my bride is going to be. And of course, the amazing photographs that are going to be taken!

      Chrissy – The moments getting ready with the amazing women in my life. The first look moments with Dave. Dancing the night away with everyone. And, of course, the churro truck!

      Cde-0148_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      We came back down in the dark, cell phone flashlights in hand, lots of conversation and memories to last our lifetime! We cannot wait to see you soon! Happy WEDDING DAY you two!

      X’s + O’s
      jD + Chris