We met with Mikala + Levi over Google Hangouts and Cocktails on a HOT, sweaty, summer day…it was super romantic Haha! As soon as their faces popped up on the screen we couldn’t help but smile! It was fate really that brought the four of us together…I fully believe that in life, things happen when they are supposed to and people come into your life for a reason. Chatting with Mikala + Levi over Google Hangouts and Cocktails -we laughed over sweaty workouts and life. Talked about their  plans for their wedding day and how it was all coming together.

      MLe-0060_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Sometimes a meeting is brief and sometimes it’s permanent… Mikala + Levi’s connection is the FOREVER permanent kind. They laugh ALOT, joke around ALOT and from the second they stood in front of our cameras had that “THING”… but if you asked them they would say “We’re awkward in front of the camera.” We completely disagree you two…

      MLe-0040_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      It’s a look, a touch, a FEELING…and it’s the beginning of writing a new story together. You get to start it, fill in the chapters and love all the adventures you find along the way-having your best friend by your side and creating these lasting memories.

      MLe-0080_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Love is EVERYTHING… it will get you through all the ups and downs in life. At times you may feel it’s just all too much…you’ll have your FOREVER person, holding your hand, making you laugh A LOT, being your cheerleader and being your VERY best friend.

      MLe-0070_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      MLe-0083_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      MLe-0094_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      So take that BIG BITE OUTTA LIFE! Levi…this pic cracked us up and we’re happy you were excited about the fruit and that you shared it with Mikala! Haha

      MLe-0098_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      Snuggle up and get ready for this ride you two…I KNOW it’s going to be an amazing one!

      MLe-0142_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      We are so happy to be your wedding photographers and have had a blast getting to know you…Love on lovers…LOVE ON & LOVE HARD…Happy WEDDING DAY!

      MLe-0073_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      X’s + O’s