We were so excited when LaRae + Mike contacted us to photograph their Duckridge Farm Wedding. They are from Hawaii and love the outdoors -Hiking, scuba diving & spear fishing are some of their favorite things to do together. Most recently, finding adventures in the new chapters they are creating together- being married. LaRae + Mike had a beautiful Duckridge Farm wedding. Seriously-if you haven’t seen this place, you’re missing out. This place is beyond gorgeous and straight out of a fairy tale. With its French Cottage Chateau type mansion, to the gorgeous gardens that go on forever, to the gazebo and pool at the ceremony location and it’s 85+ acres will take your breath away and if it doesn’t…well you better go to the Dr. and get your eyeballs checked! Keep reading to find out more about LaRae + Mike to see some amazing pictures we captured to tell their love story.

      Duckridge Farm Wedding
      Duckridge Farm Wedding

      How did you first meet?

      We met at work. We were assigned to the same project for 6 years.

      Duckridge Farm Wedding

      What made you fall in love? How did you know he/she was the one?

      We started as coworkers and then became friends. As friends we got our scuba diving certifications together and started scuba diving with each other on the weekends. We fell in love because we had lots of similar interest and it was really easy to talk to each other and spend time with each other. We knew we were right for each other because we worked together all day and also lived together, and we were still happy together.

      Bride and Groom portrait at a Duckridge Farm Wedding

      Let’s hear about the proposal! Was it a big event? A quick intimate moment? Did you know it was coming? Were you freaking out?

      I knew that Mike bought a ring, but I didn’t know when he was going to propose. On July 4, 2014, Mike plans a hiking trip and brings along a backpack picnic set. We hike on a trial up Mount Tantalus, and the hike seemed longer than usual, maybe because I just couldn’t wait to eat lunch. Along the way up the trail there were a few good lunch spots that I wanted to eat at, but Mike insisted that it wasn’t good enough. We finally arrive to the spot that he wanted to have the picnic at, which was nice grassy spot with a view of Diamond Head. Mike sets up the picnic blanket, pours some rose water tea into plastic champagne glasses, and he even setup the mosquito repellent. We took a moment to enjoy the scenery and our lunch. Then Mike put on his suit jacket. I was a bit slow and didn’t know why he wanted to put that on when it was so hot and sunny. Then he got onto one knee and proposed. I was very surprised and shocked.

      Gorgeous Bridal pictures of a Duckridge Farm Wedding

      What is your favorite thing to do together?

      We enjoy hiking and the great outdoors.

      Duckridge Farm Wedding Couple pictures of bride and groom

      We’d love to know something silly or quirky about each of you! This is your chance to embarrass each other =)

      Mike can touch his nose with his tongue.
      LaRae forgets to charge her phone

      What is the one thing you love most about each other?

      Mike – I love making her smile.
      LaRae – I love it when he makes me smile.

      Wedding Ceremony of a Duckridge Farm Wedding

      Besides actually getting married – what is something you are really looking forward to on your wedding day?

      Seeing all our friends and family happy on our wedding day. (Of course this would be their answer. They are such caring, genuine people and love to laugh A LOT!
      Water bottle and notes as wedding favors at a Duckridge Farm Wedding
      Bride and Groom fun pictures of a Duckridge Farm Wedding
      LMw-0656_Portland wedding photographers.jpg
      Bridal portrait of a gorgeous bride at a Duckridge Farm Wedding
      Flower Crown and brides gown at a Duckridge Farm Wedding
      Chinese Dragon Dance at a fun Duckridge Farm Wedding reception
      Duckridge Farm Wedding cake and cupcakes
      Candid Photos of wedding guests at a Duckridge Farm Wedding
      Duckridge Farm Wedding reception table centerpieces
      Duckridge Farm Wedding

      Happily Ever After & thanks for looking at LaRae + Mikes gorgeous Duckridge Farm Wedding!
      jD + Chris