We first met with Chrissy + Mitch over a cup of coffee on a warm August day. It’s always funny going into a meeting because we don’t know what our couples look like-but they’ve been able to see us on our website steelephotos.com and our social media platforms. So when we’re waiting- we look for the nervous couples and hope they recognize US! We could definitely tell they were nervous about the meeting- but it didn’t take long for us to find common ground. Turns out that not only is Chrissy amazingly gorgeous, but she is a smarty too-HEEELLO total package. Chrissy is a veterinarian so it’s no surprise that the farm boy in Mitch fell head over boots-for this blond bombshell. Mitch is hardworking farm boy on his families farm, he is also down to earth, funny and handsome…this pair WOWZA…and I should say our cameras love them. So their Carlton Family Farm Engagement Session made total sense for these two lovers.

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      CMe-0031_Portland wedding photographers.jpg

      One of the many things that is important to us is that we can be friends and truly connect with our couples. It’s a relationship that starts from the beginning and goes through the years- literally and it is so rewarding and life fulfilling for us. Like when we met up with these two for their Carlton Family Farm Engagement Session- it made my heart SO happy that Chrissy wanted to show me her dress! She went to the amazing The White Dress upon our recommendation and found her dream dress and holy moly guys…you will not want to miss these wedding photos. Chris and Mitch talked all things guys and it was a relaxing and fun shoot. We loved that they incorporated their fur babies and that we could photograph them in such a beautiful location like this for their Carlton Family Farm Engagement Session.

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      We are so excited for your wedding today you two and seeing your beautiful planning coming together. So here’s a huge *CHEERS* to making many memories, beautiful pictures & to being new neighbors! Happy WEDDING DAY!

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      jD + Chris