Weddings with some sort of rustic element never go out of style and Oregon has plenty of barn wedding venues to complement a wide range of tastes. Want a full on country themed wedding complete with hay bales and a big red barn? Oregon has a venue for you. Want a rustic glam wedding where modern and country collide to create a more high end yet relaxed look? There’s a venue for that too. Whatever you’re dreaming of there is a wide range of barn venues in Oregon to accommodate just about every vision.

      Why a Barn Wedding?

      In many cases barn wedding venues offer more bang for the buck than traditional venues. Most we have seen offer more of a “feel” than just a “space”. This means you have to do a little less decorating than you would at a traditional venue which saves you money. All of the venues on this list already have plenty of greenery, flowers, views, etc. not to mention their barns as a centerpiece. The one downside is they can’t really be transformed into different looks/feels like a traditional space can. But, if you are thinking about a rustic vibe on your wedding day and considering a venue featuring a barn then you probably don’t want to do that anyway!

      If you aren’t sure a barn venue is for you, check out our top Portland wedding venues post for a more comprehensive list of our all around favs.

      Best Barn Wedding Venues in Oregon

      We’ve rounded up what we think are 10 of the best wedding venues in Oregon that feature some type of barn. Most of these venues offer much more than that and were chosen for not only their barns, but for what the entire property has to offer. And full disclosure – how they photograph played a big part too. Hey, we’re photographers, what do ya expect! =) We will revisit this list and update it as we discover and shoot new venues. Also, if you think there’s a venue that should be on this list let us know in the comments!

      In no particular order, here’s our list of the top 10 barn wedding venues in Oregon:

      1. Barn Kestrel

      Just outside or Portland in West Linn, OR, Barn Kestrel (formerly Long Farm Barn) is probably our favorite venue on the list. It’s barn was built in 1900 and has amazingly weathered wood that creates a stunning backdrop for the reception and cocktail hour. What makes this venue truly unique is that it also features a Victorian style home built in 1887! These two historic buildings along with the views and a giant tree where the ceremonies are held make this a venue that you should definitely check out!

      2. Postlewaits

      Postlewaits has it all – a huge beautiful barn that has been recently updated, an old saloon, winding paths through trees, and multiple ceremony locations. This is a venue that can give you a variety of different looks and feels depending on how you set it up.

      3. Langdon Farms

      Langdon Farms is just south of Portland in Aurora, Oregon and has multiple ceremony locations, great views, and of course a big red barn with white trim! The bridal suite is great here as well. For being a golf course this venue actually has an amazing rustic feel to it.

      Red Shed barn sunset at Langdon Farms an Oregon barn wedding venue
      Langdon Farms at sunset

      4. Tin Roof Barn

      Ok ok, this one is actually in Washington but it literally right across the river from Hood River, and it’s amazing, so we had to include it. It features an authentic 100+ year old barn and coupled with the amazing Gorge views it’s hard to beat! So if you don’t mind stepping just a bit out of Oregon then definitely check out Tin Roof Barn!

      5. Brasada Ranch

      Located in Bend, Oregon, Brasada Ranch definitely has that rustic feel with it’s amazing barn but here it’s set in the more rugged central Oregon landscape. I’m telling ya, the colors and soft tones the drier landscape provides with the weathered barn as a backdrop is simply stunning! A big plus is you don’t have to worry about rain on your wedding day here like you do in western Oregon!

      6. Green Villa Barn

      Newlywed couple at Green Villa Barn a wedding venue in Oregon

      Green Villa Barn is located in Independence, Oregon and is actually a historic building that was built in 1928 and used to be a dance hall. It has that classic white barn look and shape though so it belongs on this list. One really cool thing about this venue is it has a beautiful garden on the property. Great for portraits!

      7. Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

      Cornelius Pass Roadhouse was actually built in 2001 but it honestly looks like it’s been there for decades. The buildings are all weathered wood with tin roofs and are very “barn like”. Because of that there is no shortage of rustic charm here! The neat thing here is there are a variety of spaces so you can get lots of different looks and feel all on the same property. Located in Hillsboro, Oregon it’s super close to downtown Portland too!

      8. Perryhill Farm

      Located in Dallas, Oregon is Perryhill Farm. The barn here was built over 130 years ago and has been fully renovated while keeping it’s original rustic look and feel. Perryhill specializes in smaller events and is quite affordable for what it has to offer. The views here are unbelievable!

      9. Abbey Road Farm

      Abbey Road Farm is located in Carlton, Oregon and is literally right down the road from us! This venue holds a special place in our heart since we share the same small town. It’s an 82 acre working farm and has a super unique look with the combo of buildings and silos on the property. They recently made some major improvements and all I can say is go tour it to see for yourself! Willamette valley views, wine country, and rustic charm – what’s not to like!

      10. Red Barn Villa

      Red Barn Villa definitely brings that rustic charm with it’s huge red, old style barn. The grounds are also gorgeous and offer a garden type feel with winding pergola covered pathways, a fountain and plenty of greenery and flowers. There are great views of the rolling hills and the ceremony backdrop is spectacular. Located just outside of Portland in Oregon City, Oregon.

      Couples first dance at wedding venue Barn Kestrel
      First Dance at Barn Kestrel

      Want me to capture your wedding at one of these amazing venues, or just looking for more info? Hit me up! I’d love to chat with you!